Server Rules

  1. Impersonating as a GM or using nicknames such as "GM'", "ADMIN", "VASY" etc. is strictly prohibited. Also if ur nickname contain only "i" or "l" letters then ur name will be changed to randome one And Do not use non-latin characters or any num or alt code characters in your ingame name. Examples: '³','Ç','','œ','½', etc. Your character will be renamed, if we catch you again with the same name, if you do it again, you will be Banned Permanently.
    Punishment: Banned Permanent

  2. Using Chaos Potion in Crag Mine when War Time is Active are strictly FORBIDDEN, and using it for PK-ing will result to a Permanent Ban.
    Punishment: Banned Permanent

  3. Core - Nuking at Core is Prohibited
    Punishment: 3 Days Ban / 2nd Offense: 7 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 1 Month Ban

  4. Do not talk Bad about the Server and its Staff.
  5. Punishment: 3 Days Ban / 2nd Offense: 7 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 1 Month Ban

  6. FLO(Force Log out) - Using this kind of method to avoid getting killed, is prohibited
    Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 7 days ban / 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

  7. Traps & Towers - Putting Traps and Towers on Prohibited Area is Illegal, Such as BM and VC Entrance. OC Entrance.
    Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 1 Month Ban

  8. Healing & Debuffing - Healing or Debuffing on Safezone is Prohibted
    Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 7 Days Ban

  9. Glitching - Such as Hiding in Mau, Putting GT in Mau, Or something that you are not clickable
    Punishment: 1 Day Ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Ban / 3rd Offense: 7 Days Ban

  10. GvG Feeding - GvG Feeding w/ their Alt Guilds is Prohibited
    Punishment: Guild Disband + CPT Wipe

  11. Hacking / Exploiting - No hacking or taking advantage of exploits within the game
    Punishment: Permanent Ban

  12. Passing in a terrain where you can't usually walk and/or hitting a mob where the mob can't hit back (TERRAIN GLITCH) is Prohibited.
    Punishment: 3 Day Ban | 2nd Offense : 7 Days Ban | 3rd Offense : Permanent Ban

  13. Impersonating Staff / GM - If you pretend that you are staff or GM here in this RF
    Punishment: Permanent Ban

  14. Respect the Staff - No harassing GMs or staff members at any time.
    Punishment: (Will be depending on the impact of your offense)

  15.  All Chat Selling/ Buying (/all) - Selling or buying items on all chat is prohibited
    Punishment: 1 Day Chat ban / 2nd Offense: 3 Days Chatban / 3rd Offense: 7 Days Chatban

  16. Advertising - Advertising a something that not related of RF GLADIUS is Prohibited
    Punishment: Permanent Ban

  17. Race Leader / Councils - If you get caught not being Active for how many days is Prohibited
    Punishment: CPT Wipe

  18. Trash Buffing - Trash buffing is prohibited
    Punishment: 1 Day ban / Penalty will be increase depending on number of times caught.

  19. RMT (Real Money Trading) using any In-Game chat are strictly Prohibited. However, We allow RMT as long as it is done in a PRIVATE negotiation (Direct Negotiation between 2 people) or Using our Buy-Sell Facebook Group and Forum. Still, if you got scammed because not using our Forum and Facebook group. The Admin/GM/Staff would not be liable. RMT is considered a risk. Breaking these rules will result to permanent ban.

  20. Using Third Party Programs such as BOTS, CHEATS, MEMORY EDITORS, TRAINERS or something similar that affects playability are strictly FORBIDDEN. This also includes editing your client and take advantage of Bugs in game. Using Bugs, Hacking and cheating in any way will result to a Permanent Ban.


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